Friday, January 22, 2010

"The Conversation"

The following conversation, or one very like it will be held the length and breadth of the country this weekend. People will as usual discuss the “State of The Nation” and as always will come to very similar conclusions.

Political conversations are not banned from pubs because they may cause arguments. They are banned because they leave the participants depressed and unable to finish their drinks.

Mick and Tommy are down the pub on Friday night. There they sit at the bar with a couple of pints in front of them. The conversation goes as follows

Tommy: So Mick what do you think of this inquiry into the failure of the banking system?

Mick: Well Tommy let me tell you this, you can guarantee that lots of taxpayer’s money will be spent and at the end of it nobody will be held accountable. Nobody will lose their jobs, or have their pensions touched. It will be a whitewash.

Tommy: You know what Mick; I think I have to agree with you there.

Mick: The government have said that they are going to follow the style of the “Murphy Report” because that was a huge success in getting to the bottom of the clerical abuse problem, and it will cost less money

Tommy: That’s right. They are going to meet behind closed doors and the report will be issued before anyone has the right to reply. I wonder will they just take a sample count of the perpetrators just like the Murphy report did?

Mick: As I said at the start Tommy nobody will be held accountable, we as a nation will be out of pocket and nothing will change within the banking sector.

Tommy: Do you think the report will be made public before the next General Election?

Mick: Tommy, are you being serious, there is more chance of getting a yes or no answer from a politician than there is of this report being published before the election.

Tommy: Will you have another pint Mick?

Mick: I will Tommy, sure “a bird never flew on one wing” now did he.

Tommy: So how’s the family Mick?

You see this is the general public talking. The very same people who placed the T.D’s in power.

I hope they can make it down to their very own local’s this weekend. They will be helping the economy by spending money that they can claim back on un vouched expenses and also listening to common sense spoken by their electorate.

Maybe we should make it compulsory that once a month the local T.D has to go down to their local hostelry and actually listen to the very people who put them into power.

We live in hope.

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